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Briefly explain the different types of Benefits available for Veterans?
# COMPENSATION A monthly benefit depending upon rating percentage, with additional amounts for dependents of veterans with a 30 percent rating and above. This benefit is available for those veterans who have been able to establish a connection to a disability or illness etc., based upon military service. # PENSION A monthly benefit for a single veteran with wartime service and a suitable type of discharge. Additional amounts are available for those with dependents and those considered to be housebound or in need of aid and attendance. This benefit is determined by the veteran's income from all sources and the veteran's employability. Age is not a sole determining factor # DEATH PENSION A monthly benefit available to the surviving spouse of an eligible veteran. This benefit has a maximum dollar amount per month(contact this office for the current amount) for a surviving spouse with no dependents. Additional amounts are available for those with dependents or those who meet certain medical conditions. This benefit also is based upon the applicant's income from all sources. # DEPENDENCY and INDEMNITY COMPENSATION [DIC] Payments may be available for surviving spouses who have not remarried, unmarried children under 18, helpless children, those between 18 and 23 if attending a VA-approved school and low-income parents of deceased service members or veterans. To be eligible, the deceased must have died from a service-connected disease or injury, or died while on active duty. Willful misconduct of veteran will prevent award of DIC to surviving dependents. # MEDICAL SERVICES These benefits are established by the Veterans Health Administration and provided by the various medical centers and community-based outpatient centers (CBOCís). These benefits are for the veteran only and not the spouse or dependents except for those vets rated 100% for a service-connected disability. The veteran should contact the closest VAMC. In this area, it is the Marion Medical Center, 1700 E. 38th St., Marion or call: 1-800-498-8792. Veterans will need a copy of their DD FORM 214 or other proof of military service. Anyone interested in these services should contact us to obtain more information and to determine eligibility. # CLOTHING ALLOWANCE Any veteran who is entitled to receive compensation for a service-connected disability for which he or she uses prosthetic or orthopedic appliances may receive an annual clothing allowance. The allowance also is available to any veteran with a service-connected skin condition that requires a prescribed medication that damages the veteran's outer garments. # AID AND ATTENDANCE OR HOUSE-BOUND A veteran who is a patient in a nursing home, who is otherwise determined by VA to be in need of the regular aid and attendance of another person or who is permanently house-bound, may be entitled to higher income limitations or additional benefits, depending on the type of pension received. This benefit is also for eligible widows who are entitled to benefits under the pension program and they also may be entitled to higher income limitations or additional benefits.

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